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Where do Billionaires Study?
Elite U.S. Universities Top the List
Upasana Gupta - November 03, 2014

Where do billionaires study? According to a 2014 global census of dollar billionaires, almost two-thirds have a university degree. Read more to find out which top 20 universities produce the wealthy folks.

AP Courses: How Many is Enough?
Which High School Students Should Take an AP Course and Why?
Upasana Gupta - October 20, 2014

For success in college admissions, there is no “magic number” of AP courses. One thing that all counselors will agree upon is that high school students should take the most challenging course load possible. But it’s important for high school students to strike a balance between work, GPA and other extracurriculars. Here we discuss AP exams in detail and highlight which high school students should take these exams.

Funding Options for International Students
Sources Foreign Students Can Tap for Education in the U.S.
Upasana Gupta - October 15, 2014

Here is a list of few excellent resources including scholarships, loans, awards, that can help international students in receiving financial assistance to go to college within the United States.

Rise in International Student Enrollment
List of Colleges Hosting Majority of Foreign Students
Upasana Gupta - October 10, 2014

The number of international students attending colleges in the United States is steadily increasing. American universities are attracting more international students, both to increase revenue and diversity. Find out which colleges host majority of foreign students and if this rising growth in international students is good for U.S.?

Caltech #1 in World University Ranking
U.S., U.K. Schools Losing Ground to Asian Institutions
Upasana Gupta - October 07, 2014

The California Institute of Technology retained the top spot for a third straight year in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and U.S. schools accounted for seven of the top 10. Get details on the best universities in the world.

5 Admission Tips for Ivy League Schools
Learn How You Can Increase Your Chances for Ivy League Education
Upasana Gupta - September 26, 2014

Ivy League schools accept fewer than 20 percent of applicants, and some institutions accept fewer than 15 percent. The competition for Ivy League acceptance is tremendous, as they are considered the best learning institutions in the world. So it’s important to know what you’re doing. Here are 5 tips that can help you succeed.

Why Major in Radiology?
Get Details on Education, Career Prospects, Salary and More...
Upasana Gupta - September 24, 2014

Radiology is one of the largest and fastest growing fields in allied health today, with demand for skilled radiologic professionals being among the highest in the field. Learn about radiology education options, career prospects, salary and more.

Why Community College?
5 Reasons Why Community College Makes More Sense
Upasana Gupta - September 17, 2014

Expensive four-year colleges aren't the best choice for everyone. Here are 5 reasons why community college makes more sense than attending a four-year college for some students'.

Do College Rankings Matter?
Browse America's Top 100 Colleges
Upasana Gupta - April 10, 2014

Do college rankings matter? I would advise caution in reading too much into these rankings as the fact of the matter is, that numbers do not mean anything. Rankings will not determine who can study at an Ivy League. It's the quality of a student that makes it possible to study at a college that he or she is interested in. With that in mind, let's go through the list of America's Top 100 Colleges.

2014's Top 10 ROI Colleges
Computer Science Major Has Highest Earning Potential
Upasana Gupta - April 04, 2014

Payscale.com has recently published it's annual 2014 ranking of 1,310 colleges based on what students' pay to attend college versus what they get back in net earnings in 20 years as a college graduate. Read to know why computer science is a major with the highest return-on-investment.

Preparing High School Students' For College
Learn From Students' High School Lessons
Upasana Gupta - March 04, 2014

Tips and advice to prepare high school students' for college. Learn from student experiences and participate in crucial activities such as job shadow and study abroad programs during high school to lead a more satisfying college life. These are important aspects not covered in the regular junior and senior year college admissions to-do list.

10 Tips for Acing the ACT
Learn How to Improve Your ACT Scores
Upasana Gupta - February 20, 2014

The ACT (American College Testing Assessment) is one of the major standardized college entrance tests taken in the United States today. Read this blog to find out how you can imporove your ACT score and ace the test.

What's Your College Major?
Learn How Colleges Help Undecided Students
Upasana Gupta - February 14, 2014

Some students go to college knowing exactly what they want to do. But most don’t. This blog is for those undecided students who are confused about which major to take-up? Learn how colleges help students make a decision and decide on a major.

Why Major in Cybersecurity?
Excellent Educational Programs, Job Prospects and Career Growth
Upasana Gupta - February 07, 2014

This is a good time to start or move into an information security career. The field of information security is exciting, challenging and very dynamic. For a young student or mid- level IT professional it offers a wide array of opportunities to grow.

2014 Best Online Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs
Tips to Help Students Select Online Education Programs
Upasana Gupta - January 17, 2014

With hundreds of schools offering a host of online programs - including undergraduate, graduate and certification offerings - how do students make a smart choice about the one that's right for them? Get tips and rankings of best 2014 online programs.

Top Challenges in Online Learning
Online Students Identify Ways to Improve Study Experience
Upasana Gupta - January 24, 2014

More and more, adult learners are finding the convenience and flexibility of online learning a match for their career goals and busy lifestyles. But online programs have their own set of challenges. Read to learn how online students can identify ways to enrichen learning experience.

2014 Best Online Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs
Tips to Help Students Select Online Education Programs
Upasana Gupta - January 17, 2014

With hundreds of schools offering a host of online programs - including undergraduate, graduate and certification offerings - how do students make a smart choice about the one that's right for them? Get tips and rankings of best 2014 online programs.

Nursing: a Vocation or Profession?
Two Years vs. Four Years to Become a Nurse- What's the Difference?
Upasana Gupta - January 08, 2014

Is nursing: a vocation or profession? Get to know the differences in a two-year vs. four-year nursing program and learn why this debate still exists.

Right Resources for SAT and ACT Test Prep
Learn How you can Reach your SAT/ ACT Potential
Upasana Gupta - December 11, 2013

Prepping for the SAT and ACT is on the “to do list” of thousands of college bound students. But finding the right resources to help is important and can have a huge impact on the scores and performance of students' taking these tests.

Nursing Career in High Demand
Expert Discusses Top 4 Reasons to be a Nurse
Upasana Gupta - December 05, 2013

Here are top 4 reasons why you should consider nursing as a career, based on my interview with Linda Plank, Associate Dean at Baylor University, who has spent more than 25 years in hiring, training and retaining nurses.

5 Do's for Filing the FAFSA Application
Get Specific Advice on: Family Size, Assets, FAFSA Resources
Upasana Gupta - November 21, 2013

First-time families often get intimidated by the depth of financial and other information required in the FAFSA form. But here are five tips offered by financial aid officers to help ease the process for first-time students' and parents.

5 Tips for Acing the SAT
Understanding the Significance of SAT
Upasana Gupta - November 13, 2013

"In our college selection process, we give a lot of emphasis to good GPA's and standardized test scores like SAT," says Phil Betz, director of admissions at Monmouth College. Here are 5 tips for students' to ace the SAT.

Top Medical Schools in 2014
Why Studying in the Best Medical School Matters?
Upasana Gupta - November 04, 2013

Ranking and admission details of the top medical schools in 2014. The blog also discusses why studying in the best medical school matters.

Financial Aid: 5 Common Myths
Get First-Hand Tips from a Financial Aid Officer.
Upasana Gupta - October 29, 2013

It takes a lot of work to cover all the bases of financial aid. But putting in the effort and avoiding common myths can save students and parents' a heap of college tuition money up front.

A Teacher's Influence on Students
Research shows teachers impact students ability to go to college and earn money
Upasana Gupta - October 17, 2013

Research from faculty members at Harvard and Columbia indicate that elementary and middle school teachers have an impact on whether a student attends college and on their earning potential as an adult.

A Student's Journey into Selecting the Right College
Tips on major, college search and how to make the right college choice
Upasana Gupta - October 9, 2013

Sucheta Bose, a freshman in New York Stern's Business School is still transitioning into what people call a normal college life. Her days are all so new in college, but one thing which makes her feel good is the fact that she picked the right school for herself. Read more to understand her journey.

Does College Major Matter?
Research Shows College Majors Impacting Jobs/ Salaries
Upasana Gupta - October 01, 2013

A recent university research shows that the type of job, career and money one makes after college is based on the college major one takes.

Social Media: A Profession in Demand
Academic Social Media Programs Shape New Leaders
Upasana Gupta - September 23, 2013

Social media is no longer a fad or tool; it is becoming a profession and a way of how business is conducted today. As such, many universities are offering social media as an official academic degree.

Why Apply Early to Colleges?
Early Applicants Rule Ivy League School Admissions
Upasana Gupta - September 17, 2013

Early Decision or Early Action applications can help students in faring better with Ivy League college admissions. The blog also discusses the pros and cons of applying early to schools.

Top Universities in the World
U.S. Dominates the List with over 40 Institutions in the Top 100
Upasana Gupta - September 10, 2013

The blog discusses ranking of the best universities in the world and shows U.S. dominating the list.

Salary Hikes for all IT Pros
10 Top Paying IT Jobs and Skills
Upasana Gupta - August 13, 2013

It's a good time to be an information technology professional because salaries for all level IT employees in the U.S. have seen the biggest increase in a decade.

2013- IT Graduates in Demand
IT Graduates Enter the Job Market with Excellent Prospects
Upasana Gupta - July 29, 2013

The high demand for technology skills in most industries has driven the supply of new IT grads with more than 40,000 joining the job market in a given year.

Scholarships for International Students
List of Sources for Funding College Education in the U.S.
Upasana Gupta - April 3, 2013

Here is a list of few excellent resources that can help international students in receiving financial assistance to go to college within the United States.

Top 5 Criteria to Select a College
College Major, Location & Financial Aid Rank High
Upasana Gupta - March 8, 2013

Choosing the right college can be a daunting experience for many students. Here are 5 decisive factors that play a crucial role in selecting a college.

Parents Pay Less For College Education in 2012
Survey Reveals: Students Shoulder Higher Responsibilities.
Upasana Gupta - February 27, 2013

A recent national survey reveals that American families are saving and spending less on college education as compared to two years ago. But students are stepping-up and funding a higher share of college costs.

2012's Top Ten ROI Colleges
College Major is Crucial for Higher Pay

Upasana Gupta - February 26, 2013

Payscale.com has recently published it's annual 2012 ranking of 850 colleges based on what students' pay to attend college versus what they get back in lifetime earnings.